Boessel Lodge|  Reservoir Ridge, Waynesville, NC 28786 |  (828) 246-8455

Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock

Things To Do

Slide down the rock and swim! Sliding Rock is one of the most popular destinations for locals with families and tourists both. It is a fun adventure for all ages. During the winter the rock is open for sightseeing, and in the summer there is a $2 per person fee to enter. Parking is somewhat limited, so go early if you can. It will be crowded on a summer week end. I think kids have to be a certain size to slide alone, but can sit on the lap of an adult. There are bathrooms which are open in season. For more info, call the US Forest Service at 828-877-3350.

Directions from Boessel Lodge

There is no service up there, so make sure you load this page on your phone for directions before you leave. 

Right on East Street 

Go 200ft

Right on Sunnyside

Go 0.7 mile

Right on Raccoon Rd

Go 1.2 mile

Left onto US-276

Go 26.1 mile

Entrance on left. 

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